Communication and Development 2015 Issue 14, pp.18-37
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The contentious relationship between supply and target audience was the basis for the theories of the play and its fields in the application, so the researcher found the need to study nstages and stand at the most important turning points in the semantic and aesthetic structure aimed at the viewer’s mind and feelings. This study sought to tracing the impact of switching stations in the theatrical discourse since the emergence of Greek tragedy when the show was ritually magic depends exciting PASSION fear and pity for the hero to the public and to achieve psychological cleansing, down to the beginning of the twentieth century and the emergence of natural school and realism in literature and art and its impact on the theater, so The show relies excitement and create the illusion and reconciliation with reality by addressing the feelings and the feelings of the recipient. The stage, the most important and the most mature when he became the equivalent theater objective movements speech (freedom in the world and thought left) and this is what his body epic theater, in addition to what was produced by the two world wars of the significant effects on the philosophy of literature and art, was political theater offers the fruit of these effects and the practical application of the method of tampering and in the theater of the absurd. Finally the researcher to search results based on the comparative study between excitement and simulated in a realistic offer letter, and awareness and abetting in the epic and political theater offers. The researcher suggests that completed the process of the evolution of the theatrical discourse subsequent studies in the field of modernism and postmodernism offers .