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الخمر منافعها وأضرارها لدى عرب الجاهلية في ضوء كلام العرب والقرآن الكريم = Wine Benefits and Harms in Light or Arabic Poetery and Holy Quran

Arabs had different customs and traditions to recognize any one among them. They were very fond of generosity even they slaughtered their only animal to host their guest. They thought their guest as their ‘lord’ and considered them as their ‘servant’. Hatim of Tayy tribe is an example for this hobby. Among the ways they took to serve their people and to be generous with them was wine which they took as much as they knew nothing about their belongings even they slaughtered other’s animal and gave him price of it when required. Thus wine was a big source for their generosity. When the Qur’an was revealed it asked its followers to be generous they preferred to drink wine to do so because they used to do so in their pre-Islamic period. The Qur’an prohibited them from doing so pointing out its demerits regarding the society which is the base of everything. The coming article is a humble effort to point out this side of wine in the light of Arabic poetry and to indicate to what guidelines the Qur’an gave in this regard.