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اقامتِ دين سيرتِ طيبه جي روشني ۾ = Establishment of Din in the Light of Seerat E Tayyeba
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The Scholar: Islamic Academic Research Journal 2017 Vol.3 Issue 1, pp.69-80

Modern western world has separated their religion from the matters of state, politics, social and economical life. In other words, for them religion has become one's personal matter, it does not have any relation with collective problems of people. This westernized thought is now slowly and gradually impending in our Muslim society. It is obvious from Islamic teachings that religion is not just matter of one's personal life but it is also associated with the collective human life. Spending individual and collective life under the term of religion is called as Iqamat-e-Din. As Almighty Allah ordered for Iqamat-e-Din to his earlier prophets likewise he ordered the same to his last prophet (PBUH) and his Ummah too. After announcement of his prophet hood, the holy prophet (PBUH) spent his remaining 23 years for the struggle of Iqamat-e-Din and presented the best example for Iqamat-e-Din.The following things are discussed in this article:What is Iqamt e Din(Establishment of Din) ,how much state is important for the establishment of Din, which things are included in the meaning of Din, what are the efforts of Prophet (peace be upon Him) in Makki and Madni life regarding Iqamt e Din and which hurdles he faced and how does the Iqamt e Deen brought changes in the society.